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Still the best review for our Nifty-Lift miniature block and tackle..

Wranglerstar’s Nifty-Lift miniature block and tackle review still tops the charts with 2.6 million views and 2,880 comments. This is where it all started here on YouTube.   I am the  owner and inventor. Reach out to me with any questions you may have. Albert Peel

It’s Turkey Eve and I’m working on Nifty-Lift Block and Tackle Pulley Systems

It seems that Nifty-Lift has taken over most of my life and for sure I don’t have much free time these days. This pulley system is beginning to catch on and the orders are coming on a steady basis that is challenging us to keep up. I’m not complaining just letting folks know so that […]

Overcoming The Problems Of Typical Rope Pulley Systems

The small, compact, lightweight, very strong, block and tackle rope pulley system called a Nifty-Lift has been a surprising success. I never had any idea how many people have a need for this rope pulley system that makes life easier. The number of uses is never ending. I’ve sold them to boat enthusiasts for pulling […]

Up coming events for team Nifty-Lift

We at team Nifty are trying some country fairs here in New England. We will be at the Deerfield Fair in Deerfield  New Hampshire September 27th through Sept.30. Then off to the Fryeburg Fair in Maine Sept,30th through Oct, 7th then to a snowmobile grass drag in Tilton, NH. At these venues we will be […]

Thanks to Wrangler Star for the Nifty-Lift block and tackle review of lifting a generator

Last year on August 16th Cody the star of “Wrangler Star” you tube channel posted a review of the Nifty-Lift block and tackle pulley system lifting a generator high enough to load into a pickup. He explained that it was made of solid aluminum with stainless steel fasteners. He also demonstrated the strength of the […]

The new banner to promote this small, powerful block and tackle pulley system at the Deerfield Fair and Freyburg Fair.

Here’s the new banner to help promote this small, yet amazingly powerful block and tackle pulley system at the Deerfield Fair (9/27/18-9/30/18) and Freyburg Fair (9/30/18-10/7/18). We’ll also be showcasing the block & tackle for sale at the ‘grassdrags’ (snowmobiles dragracing on grass) in Tilton, NH, Columbus Day weekend. This pulley block comes in […]