Nifty-Lift Block and Tackle Photo and Video Testimonial Contest

Hello Nifty-Lift fans,

I am hosting a Nifty-Lift block and tackle photo and video testimonial contest. Tell your block and tackle story and include a photo or video to enter a chance to win a Nifty-Lift Deluxe and to be featured in a blog post.

I’ll be picking two winners. One photo and one video testimonial.

So, whether you got your Nifty-Lift block and tackle pulley system to lift heavy loads, pull your snowmobile, put in your bug out bag, store your canoe or kayak, lift your fiberglass Jeep top off and on or as the perfect Christmas gift, we would love to see it in action and share your story with others. 

Nifty-Lift photo and video testimonial contest. Enter to WIN!
Nifty-Lift photo and video testimonial contest. Enter to WIN!

…For bonus points, include where and how you first heard about Nifty-Lift. Was it from WrangStar on YouTube (1.6 millions views and counting) or one of the many other reviews (which one)? Was it one of the several trade shows we attended last year (which one)? Or, maybe you came across it doing a web search (include the search term, if you remember it).

Thank you again for purchasing your small, compact, lightweight, very strong Nifty-Lift block and tackle. I hope it continues to serve you well, helping you work smarter rather than harder and making the seemingly ‘impossible’ possible.

I look forward to seeing and reading your testimonials.


Albert Peel

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