The Nifty-Lift block and tackle pulley system on display at the 22nd Annual Maine Snowmobile Show

Team Nifty-Lift presented and demonstrated at the 22nd Annual Maine Snowmobile Show held at the Augusta Civic Center in Agusta, ME. It was presented by the Maine Snowmobile Association last weekend and it was a smashing success. We were showing the Nifty-Lift block and tackle (4-1 ratio) pulley system for getting unstuck when sledding alone. We networked with several vendors including Ski Doo, Yamaha, and Arctic Cat dealers. The reception we received was very encouraging. And we sold out of product!

After getting a custom order for six, 15 foot tow lines from the owner of the ‘extreme sledding tours’, we quickly realized that the snowmobile community is in need of lightweight method to tow sleds out of the woods. There are several solutions available but each has some drawbacks. I’m seeing a need for a super strong but very compact towing solution. After discussing it with several people I’ve been testing a different style of towing line using the Hi Tech Nifty-Lift pulley rope. (Your Nifty-Lift block and tackle system already come with two extra 7′ lanyards. And we can custom build any length you like.)

When we showcased the Nifty-Lift by showing how a single person can hoist up a 550 lb Yamaha snowmobile completely off of the ground and using the locking pulley to lock it and suspend it in the air, people were amazed by this small block and tackle locking pulley system.

And most agreed that it was a very fair price for such a high quality, ‘over-engineered’, powerfully strong, small block and tackle!

Nifty-Lift block and tackle pulley system for sale
Nifty-Lift block and tackle pulley system for sale. And custom lanyards!

…If you are wondering where to buy pulleys for sale, make sure to check And if you have any questions, give me a call. I’d love to tell you all about my Nifty-Lift miniaturized block and tackle pulley system. 🙂

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