The Nifty Lift Basic


The Nifty-Lift Basic is made in the USA by a veteran owned company that employ’s veterans FIRST. The Nifty-Lift is an ingenious block and tackle pulley system designed within CNC tolerances created to make lifting and pulling virtually anything simpler. As you can imagine this type of product is very handy in a multitude of life-style markets like snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, hiking, off-roading, survival and much more.

The Nifty Lift Was originally designed for pulling as opposed to lifting. And you don’t always want or need a locking cleat when pulling. The locking cleat is the primary difference* between the two Nifty Lift styles. The Basic has no lock.

‘Basic’ Materials:

  • The two-pulley system
  • Made of Solid Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel Screws  w/ Hex Heads
  • 4 Bearings
  • 1,700 Lbs. per strand break strength military rated cord
  • Safe Working Load = 750 Lbs.
  • Two clevises (optional stainless steel swivel and clevis)
  • * The three differences between Deluxe and Basic are that the Deluxe is anodized red, has a locking cleat and comes with a two carrying cases. *


  • the two-pulley system and 40ft of high strength shuttle parachute cord.
  • Two, 7 foot lanyards (high strength shuttle parachute cord)
  • Burlap Storage Sack
  • 3 Business cards for any who may admire your Nifty-Lift! 🙂
  • Life Time Warranty

*Free product repair or replacement if this unit ever breaks due to a defect.(cord not included if cut) Please remember common sense is not included with this block and tackle pulley system!