A Nifty New Gadget

Good Afternoon:

At the Snowmobile USA show in Novi, Michigan during the first weekend in November, I was asked to test your product and provide a review of it’s durability and effectiveness, which I believe I have done. I have used it to hoist the rear-end of my snowmobile for maintenance and I have used it to hoist a half of a deer for processing, both of which was done with relative ease. Below is my report:


Recently I was given an opportunity to test a new mini-block & tackle kit and offer a review, or opinion if you will, about the uses and performance of this tool. I was able to get a half-deer hoisted in a neighbor’s garage to show its versatility,  and I have found other uses for this neat little tool as well. From what I’ve been able to accomplish with it, I have to give it a very high rating. In fact, being an old military veteran, I would use the rating system we used back when I was on active duty and say it’s a 4.0 piece of equipment.


The compact carrying case it comes with makes it ideal to keep in a backpack or tool bag, and I have already found the perfect spot for storage in my snowmobile. One never knows when lifting a weight might require more than one person can safely handle, and this little gem can certainly solve that problem. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who may ever have the need to hoist a weight of any kind and hold it in an elevated position for any length of time. I have attached a photo of it both in its storage case and laying on its burlap bag, and in use holding up the deer. I’m truly grateful to have had this tool at my disposal, it performed perfectly and without a hitch (pun intended)…


Jim Duke, Past President of

Michigan Snowmobile Association

American Council of Snowmobile Associations

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