High Strength Parachute Cord


High Strength Shuttle Parachute Cord rated at 1,700 lb break strength –  Cost is $1 per foot.Increments of 5 feet.  This is extra cord other than what is included with the nifty lift.

Comes with tied eyelet ends using Brummel Knotts.

When ordering extra cord, please keep these questions in mind and include any instructions in the ‘notes’ section of the order form.

  • Is this extra cord or is it to be replaced in your Nifty Lift? Let use know.
  • …(if it is to replace your current 40’ cord, multiply your desired pull length by 4 and then subtract the original 40’. Ex. A 30’ power pull requires 120’ of line (30×4). And then subtract let the original 40’. Total = 80’ of additional line. Again, please note it in the order instructions.
  • If there is no mention of rethreading your Nifty Lift, it will be assumed that it is extra cord and will be tied with large lanyard loops.
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