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  1. Abba Coe says:

    Hi Albert- I just saw this on Wranglerstar on youtube & was amazed! So I came here to see if you had any videos; the one with the Chevy small block was really great. When you lifted it with a single cord & the engine still had the distributor, water pump & the exhaust manifolds on, I just laughed & shook my head. Congratulations on building a wonderful tool; my husband won’t believe me until he see the videos.

    • MaeHayAffordablehomes says:

      I also saw this on Wranglerstar video just a few minutes ago it looks like a handy tool to have a around. My husband is a Veteran with Air Force for 20’years. Since he is disabled I have try to do things on my own and not a very strong lady anyway so I was thinking this might be helpful for me around the home. Mae Hay

  2. Doug says:

    Great product. When you say “two ball bearings” you really mean two “sets” of ball bearings correct? Or are the “sealed bearing” sets?
    Thank you

    • Al Peel says:

      total of 4 skateboard bearings…figure they’re tough enough for the kids to ride on than this is “piece o cake” and besides they’re readily available…keep it simple s

  3. Greg says:

    Just saw on wranglerstar. I’m going to order one soon. Need to replace my water heater…in the attic. Think this is the DIY way to lift up there. Turns a two person job into one.

  4. Scott says:

    I forgot my high school physics but am trying to figure out the actual mechanical advantage.
    I think it is either 4 to 1 or 8 to 1. Meaning you pull the rope 4 inches and you lift up something
    only 1 inch and you pull only one fourth of the items weight. ( or 8 to 1) I assume you are
    using braided nylon cord either 3/16 ” inch diameter or 1/4″ diameter. I have a need to lift some
    heavy stuff and I think I will need 200 feet of rope. What is the length of rope that you supply ?
    Do you have inventory ready to ship now ?

    • Al Peel says:

      It’ll take about 10 days….never planned on the landslide of orders. I supply 40 feet which gives you a 10 foot power pull. If you need more line I can supply it @ one dollar per foot…and that’s the 1/8 line with a 1,700 pound break strength.

    • Adam says:

      4:1; The force you apply at the free end gets multiplied by 4 at the bottom of the lower pully, but at the cost that you have to also pull the free end 4 times as far.

      The easiest way to see this is to note the 4 runs of cord which actually support the weight (the 5th run is going down to your hand)– the tension in each will be one fourth of the weight of the load, so the tension in the free end will also be one fourth the weight. And the user is supplying that tension in the free end.

  5. Randy says:

    Hey Al. Great vids, saw your new block and tackle on Wranglerstar. Quick question though, what kind of cord are you using?

    Thanks and have a great day Sir.

  6. Mark says:

    Ok, so I bought one. Everytime I need to lift something heavy no one is around. What is the line you’re using, Manufacturers name & type? If the SHTF I think I’d like to have more of it.

      • Wink Knudge says:

        Is this from government surplus or are you producing these under a government contract?

        Is the rated working load of the single line basically the specified load limit divided by four?
        Practically speaking, if someone gravitationally challenged, weighing only 145 lbs, then the weight limit would be 580 lbs, assuming there’s nothing to hook their toes into the ground to enable pulling with greater force.

  7. Benjamin Bribiesca says:

    saw your product on youtube. Very cool mini lift. by chance are you going to be releasing a better demo video? I could definitely show a few different uses this lift is capable of like loading a generator into a truck bed, lifting another person in an emergency situation, using it as a come along for pulling a quad or side by side out of mud. i have all sorts of ideas for a product demo

  8. Dana Basiliere says:

    Hello Albert, I just saw this on the Swedish Homestead and Simeon lifted 1543 lbs of chicken grain with the help of a 4 wheeler winch. Impressive..

    • Al Peel says:

      it’s times like that that prompted me to design this….imagine getting stuck with a snowmobile….it’d be real nifty to have it under the seat…never know when you’d need it.

  9. Henaynei says:

    Just watched Swedish Homestead safely lift 1,500lbs with the little block and tackle and the paracord “shoestring “
    Absolutely amazing!

  10. Alex Kilgore says:

    Hey, would you consider listing your product for sale on Amazon.com? I try to use Amazon for all of my online shopping that I can get away with. I would definitely buy one if you did and I bet you would even sell more units if you did.

      • Al Peel says:

        I have NO desire to deal with Amazon…they require an account and more details for me(a one MAN shop) besides they take a % of the sale price and the exposure isn’t worth the trouble because to be truthful I’m not making $10.00 per hour with the machining cost and shipping…and braiding the cord…just so you are aware these are all hand assembled by me…good thing I’m single and old…lol

    • Al Peel says:

      the cord has a break strength of 1799 lbs x4 = 6800 lbs even though it held 5,600 lbs in testing I recommend no more than 750 lbs…safety factor it was not planed to be used with a winch…but it does work….just if it’s used that way you’re on your own.

    • Al Peel says:

      Deluxe model:
      Jam Cleat (locks line)
      Plastic Case
      40 feet of line (10 ft. power pull)
      Cloth Bag
      2x5ft. Lanyards
      Priority Shipping
      Lifetime Warranty (doesn’t cover line)
      Stainless Fasteners
      Ball Bearings
      CNC Precision Machined Aluminum Sheaves

      Basic Model:
      40 feet of line (10 ft. power pull)
      Cloth Bag
      2x5ft. Lanyards
      Priority Shipping
      Lifetime Warranty (doesn’t cover line)
      Stainless Fasteners
      Ball Bearings
      CNC Precision Machined Aluminum Sheaves

      Same strength, same precision, same bearings just more basic and much easier to machine (cost)

  11. Adam says:

    Did you know bing will not let you search for this product

    also can you get a spare cleat or buy it separately finding the right size would be challenging because if you got one too small it could damage the rope and too big would not function, it looks like its attached to the device in some videos but having a spare if some damage happens would be reassuring rather than waiting for a replacement if need be

    • Al Peel says:

      yes I’ll sell you a spare cleat though I doubt it’ll ever break but my plan is to have my customers be my best sales force….so sure. Just to be clear the cleat will only fit the deluxe version and that’s the major difference between the basic vs deluxe.
      Also checked out the bing link and yes some bots don’t like the dash in the name….the folks that have the URL that I wanted, make a fine product and they bought the name before I started doing this. That being said the name is extremely appropriate and the dash doesn’t seem to limit people finding my product.

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