It’s Block and Tackle Christmas….!!!!!

It seems that many people have decided the Nifty-Lift makes a GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT.


The main application is snowmobilers wanting an insurance plan for getting unstuck. Of course NO ONE ever gets stuck, just momentarily delayed. 🙂

Two other groups that show a lot of interest in this small block and tackle pulley system, are the survivalist and preppers. It’s a great addition for everyone’s BUG OUT BAG. Imagine there was no power available and you happen to be one of the lucky survivors. And you had a small block and tackle pulley system, for moving heavy objects just to survive. Imagine the demand for your help.

I’m still amazed at the number of different uses that people are using this small block and tackle pulley system for.  Every thing from lifting speakers and staging for outdoor concerts, to lifting engines, working on heavy equipment and lifting heavy parts and installing them.

Order your Nifty-Lift block and tackle pulley system today and I’ll get them to you in time to put it under the tree.

I hope every one has Happy and safe Christmas.

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