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The Nifty Lift is a miniaturised block and tackle for sale that is a very useful tool for hanging deer in the woods, for pulling your snowmobile out when you get stuck, for loading your truck and your trailer, and for pulling and lifting many other things. It’s just a great little, high quality, very strong block and tackle for sale.

High quality, small block and tackle for sale by
High quality, small block and tackle for sale by

Some of the more popular but unique uses people buy this block and tackle for (besides pulling snowmobiles and for hanging deer, which has to be the top two uses) are ‘how to store my canoe’ and ‘how to remove my Jeep top’.

We include two 7 foot lanyards with each block and tackle for sale. This is in addition to the 40 feet of line that comes threaded in the block and tackle. …If you require additional line or a custom length, just let us know. We can do that, too.


4 thoughts on “Block and tackle for sale

  1. Lyndall Grant says:


    Love this, Nifty Lift has lifted my Riggers Heart.

    I work for the US Navy Voayage Repair Team. We only work on Carrier catapult, water breaks and arresting engines. The arresting engine spaces are very tight. An arresting engine is possibly the worlds largest block and tackle. What catches an F18 at 200 MPH and slows it down to Zero in about 200 Ft.

    We take that system apart every 2000 cathes and rebuild the Sheve Banks. Lots of hand rigging.

    I would love to emoloy Nifty Lift in our process. The Carriers defend the World by Force Projection, their ability to deploy and catch our War Planes. Would love to put Nifty Lift on the VRT Team.

    Lyndall Grant
    US Navy / NAVAIR / Fleet Readiness Command South West / Voyage Repair Team

    • Al Peel says:

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      I don’t know what you will use it to do but if it’ll make your life easier then have at it.

      As I was a 3rd class AT who did A school at NAS Memphis in 1966 I understand the great job you “kids” gotta contend with…therefore if you’ need a sample to see if it’ll be useful you pay the shipping I’ll foot the device. You never know …the government would make an old Vet’s life change if they became a customer.

      In any case you’re welcome to a sample.
      Feel free to call me anytime

      Albert Peel

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