Overcoming The Problems Of Typical Rope Pulley Systems

The small, compact, lightweight, very strong, block and tackle rope pulley system called a Nifty-Lift has been a surprising success. I never had any idea how many people have a need for this rope pulley system that makes life easier. The number of uses is never ending. I’ve sold them to boat enthusiasts for pulling their boat up onto their trailer, Jeep fans for removing their fiberglass hardtops, folks storing kayaks and canoes, installers for air conditioning systems, linemen for pulling line, and even to a fellow that modified his wheelchair! …He can now move things himself, that before was impossible.

Rope pulley systems have been around for centuries. They were designed for moving heavy objects and increasing pulling strength. There were a couple of design issues that most of us experienced when using the old style block and tackle system. I’ve cured them both with the latest version of the Nifty-Lift rope pulley system. One of which was by accident. I didn’t even realize it at the time, but I took care of a major flaw that I never knew existed. …While working as a tow truck driver I hated it when the pulley system cable jammed in the sheave and it needed to be unstuck on a regular basis. By decreasing the tolerances for the sheaves I was able to cure this problem and the rope can’t run off the pulley causing it to jam.

Using high tech parachute cord (used for bringing the shuttles back from space) allowed the rope pulley block and tackle system to be miniaturized while providing tremendous strength. As a matter of fact, with tens-of-thousands of pulley pulls, I’ve yet to have one jam on me! There simply isn’t the room/tolerance for it to get stuck.

Your rope pulley system for sale at Nifty-Lift.com is backed by a Lifetime Warranty on the entire block. (It doesn’t cover the rope pulley cord but we can replace and even re-thread it for you.)

Here is a link to the Deluxe block and tackle rope pulley. Here is the Basic block and tackle rope pulley for sale. As well as the link to order custom lengths of our specialized high-strength pulley rope.

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